Hi, I’m Fiona – thanks for visiting my site.

I blog about life in the 21st Century, my love of nature – and how we can make eco easier for everyone. 

I originally trained as a Model Maker, working mostly on films and adverts. The job often called for accurate body-casts to make costumes (such as Batman) fit like a second skin – and after one such casting I thought – why not cast the general public?

Turns out people love to get casts of themselves, their children and their pets, and it was a great success.

In 2013, I sold Image Casting and moved from London to Botswana with my husband and daughter. 

With time on my hands, I finished a story that had been rattling around my mind since I was fifteen – ‘The Frog Theory.’ I was born in 1971, so that’s a lot of rattling, and it was a relief to finally send it to an agent.

Five long months later, it got rejected, and whilst I realise it can take many attempts to get a yes, I did not have the constitution to survive another round of waiting, and took the Indie publishing route instead. 

My friend Mimi runs the No.1 Ladies Coffee House, given to her by Alexander McCall Smith and threw a ‘Frog Theory’ book launch. I love her. It was one of the most enjoyable/terrifying evenings of my life and my little novel can now be found in Exclusive Books Gaborone because of it.

I am currently taking an online journalism course with LSJ and am researching another novel.

I hope you enjoy dipping in and out of the blogs, or ‘The Frog Theory’ – and enjoy chatting in the comments.


Thanks to my friend Jane Wrigley who worked on Harry Potter, I helped make the body of Mallory (pictured below) and to artwork the costume. Seeing my name in the credits at the London Imax cinema was one of the proudest moments of my career. 

Lionel Ritchie’s Hand Casts