Camber Sands
My goal is to make eco easier for myself and others.

This goal came about largely because of a weird green ball hanging in our lemon tree in Botswana. I had no idea what it was until a bright yellow bird flew inside – a nest! 

I ran for my bird book, previously untouched, genuine interest well and truly ignited.

Eco (not harming your environment) was not a word I was familiar with when growing up. It was normal for the river to be full of rubbish and old shopping trollies; I thought you had to go elsewhere to find wild.

It took the similarity between these images of The Oka Vango Delta in Botswana (top) and London Wetlands (bottom) to educate me: the potential for nature to thrive had been on my own doorstep all along, and there were a lot of people working hard to prove it.

In my younger days I worked as a model maker in London. I started a company called Image Casting in 1998, and got asked to cast Lionel Richie’s hands. I decided to mount the bronze casts on a picture of a piano keyboard, and Lionel Richie ordered an identical copy for his home. That was a massive and much needed boost to my confidence.

I sold Image Casting in 2013 when we moved to Botswana with my husband’s career, and turned my hand to writing.

I blogged about the freedom to be eco-curious without getting judged, making an absolute fool of myself while I was at it! Through various projects, I engaged with local schools and communities to see whether I could play any part in making eco easy, relevant and joyful.

Now living in England once again, I continue to work closely with schools and eco-related projects. I also write.   

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