WTF? Who’s Who in the world of wildlife organisations?

I eventually clicked that it was the wwT Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust that we had visited in London, not the wwF World Wildlife Fund And how long did it take me to work that out?

4 years, FFS ! Thank you facebook. Freakishly big brother. You can see why I thought I was not qualified for this sort of thing.

Pesky acronyms, there are so many – some easily recognisable such as DOB, ASAP and UFO but others? Ambiguous.

What was so humbling about ww – T (?! Lesson learned) was that they had managed, against the odds, to create a tangible example of what London can look like – not that dissimilar to the Okavango Delta – ‘revered as a place of beauty.’

London V Okavango

Someone had my back in a collective sense, until I was old enough to have my own back. And one day, I might be in the position to have the back of someone else ie: a child. Other people. An otter. 

Ha! Cool.

I went through it carefully. I was well into my 40s, there was no denying I was the official definition of ‘an adult.’

Was I a Parent? Yes. Yes I was – AM.

Sorted enough with material possessions , love life, other stuff (hair) to have a bit of headspace for something altruistic? 

Errrrrr, I have to say yes, I guess so. Yes. Tick. (Getting slightly uneasy now.)

So this future me I was thinking about, this responsible person, the kind of grown-up who might be interested in gardening, or joining the WI was…ME??????????


But I drive a car. I’ve been known to use cling-film. I am indirectly responsible for the death of an innocent guinea pig. And I don’t like lecturing people. Pot. Kettle. Black. That kind of thing. ‘Conservation’ was a word I associated with people who knew what they were doing, and I wasn’t one of them!

I had arrived at the age I’d imagined I would be altruistic – AND I WASN’T!

A watched pot does eventually boil (with or without a frog in it) and as my new friend Neli De Jesus said today, when someone says to her ‘you only live once’ she says ‘you mean you only DIE once! You live every day.’


Well, I started donating to the wwT for a start, and kept on with wwF (I’d got quite fond of them by now) and I discovered that wwT founder Peter Scott drew the original panda logo for wwF.

Original Drawings by Peter Scott, founder of WWT

Despite the donations – my conscience kept yapping like a determined Jack Russel.

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