Camber Sands

Lost Runner Thumbs Lift on Golf Cart.

An article about Nelson Mandela’s fitness regime inspired me to start running around the outside of our house during lock-down. Despite being in jail for 27 years, Nelson managed to keep fit, convincing me I could certainly give it a go. First, I pick a play-list and immediately go to a happy place when Dizzy…

Blog, Life in Botswana | 29 April 2020

Drama Triangles

When I accidentally upset a friend, I called another friend for advise. She’s a professional counsellor and explained the Karpman Drama Triangle, where-by two people continuously switch between three roles – victim, persecutor, and rescuer.  I didn’t exactly understand but basically, your friend tells you a problem – victim. You jump in to provide a solution – rescuer….

Blog, Life in Botswana | 9 August 2019

Ready Steady GO ECO!

My daughter got given a paper straw at The Splash Café. ‘Not plastic!’ I said, impressed. The owner (Neli) explained that she hated plastic because Durban harbour was full of it, and all the seals had disappeared. She went on to say that she could not get eco-friendly containers for love nor money. I was…

Life in Botswana | 19 July 2019

Snakes on a Golf Course

I thought it was a joke when residents were advised to keep small cats and dogs inside, due to the sighting of a very large python somewhere near the 7thhole. We had recently moved into a very nice house on a golf course (Botswana) and I was absolutely freaked when said python was found –…

Blog, Life in Botswana | 12 July 2019

The Demise of Mr Pink, the guinea pig

Our daughter was given two male guinea pigs whom she named Jack…And Jacko. The logic of a three-year-old is a mystery to most, I don’t understand it either, but at least it was better than my friend’s daughter naming her cat-fish, Big Black Willy (after the whale, in Free Willy.) We noticed that Jacko was losing…

Blog, Life in Botswana | 13 June 2019

Chubby Mermaids

The first time I asked for directions in Gaborone, the answer I received went something like this: It’s easy – go straight until you get to the robots, then go left. Go straight again until you get to the Barclays circle, then take a right. Errrrrr……yes, apparently, I did hear correctly. Should I ask a…

Blog, Life in Botswana | 28 February 2019

London to Botswana, 2013

Being a Londoner born and bred, I often dreamt of living somewhere exotic for a stint, so when my husband Jamie came home and said would I like to live in Gaborone for five years, I said yes! Shortly followed by ‘where is that, exactly?’ Having located Botswana on an inflatable globe we had knocking…

Blog, Life in Botswana | 29 January 2019