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BOOK PUBLICITY: It’s All About No.1 Frog Theory Re-Launch

Next Thursday ‘we’ are re-launching ‘The Frog Theory’ at the No.1 Ladies’ Coffee House, which was handed over to Mimi Shand by Alexander McCall Smith, celebrated author of ‘The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency’ and I – can’t – wait! 

Alexander McCall Smith also started the Really Terrible Orchestra, which makes me feel better about the re-launch as…I have often thought of myself as ‘a really terrible writer!’

‘We’ are re-launching is accurate because – in the words of John Lennon ‘I’ll get by with a little help from my friends.’ I now know why people have reams of people to thank after any sort of publishing process. Getting a book into the world is…emotional.

Long ago, Mimi had said she was happy to host a book-signing at the No.1 Ladies’ Coffee House for ‘The Frog Theory.’ I had read and loved Alistair Mccall Smith’s No.1 Ladies Detective Agencies books long before moving to Botswana, so it felt slightly overwhelming, and was a huge honour. 

I thought, imagine if I got to be old and had said no to this incredible invitation? I would kick myself for sure so…I said yes. And two years later, I have come good on my promise! 

The launch is not just about ‘The Frog Theory’ – a short (hopefully funny) novel, which demonstrates the power of stories and fables to change people’s lives – but also about connecting people to Gaborone’s world of eco, an up and coming flower that is enjoying some water. 

We hope to see you next week at the No.1 Ladies’ Coffee House for food, drink, live music and chat. There will be signed copies available, and all sorts of eco-ideas for those of you that are curious.

And for those of you who can’t make it, you can follow the story here as always:)

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