Monkey Filmed on Homemade Go-Pro 🐒

I had just started running around the outside of the house when a large monkey came out of nowhere and grabbed an apple off the bird-table. 

I thought he had run off but when I lapped again, he had made himself comfortable on one of the pillars and was watching me.

Each time I lapped the house, it seemed he was waiting for me to reappear, nibbling his apple, enjoying the entertainment! Even when he had finished eating, he stayed, and I got some shots of him.

He then slurped some water from the birdbath, and was off!

I don’t have a Go-Pro, so I strapped my phone to my head with a fitness band to get a real-time lap on film. The sun was behind him, so most of them didn’t work, but this def captured the moment! 😂

2 monkey
1 monkey
3 monkey
4 monkey
5 monkey

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