Sharing the Love for Reptiles

We will be running free ZOOM sessions this month, ideal for children and adults of all ages – so feel free to rack up your questions.

Here are some from the last session:

  • How do you transport the animals when you visit schools?
  • Do any of them ever escape?
  • Why don’t they bite you?

Sessions usually last around half an hour and take place in the early evening, when the tree- frogs are waking up and are easier to find.

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Twelve years ago, Amin decided that he needed somewhere other than the family kitchen to breed butterflies, and built a Tropical House at his home in London.

It now houses Chinese Water Dragons, a Basilisk Lizard, Tree Frogs, and so much more.

This extraordinary image of a veiled chameleon greeting him makes it clear that these guys are extremely good friends, and very happy in their environment.

He breeds and rears these beautiful animals to motivate and inspire children and adults in schools around the country and abroad – teaching not only the importance of insects in our ecosystems – but also the personality and colour they bring to our senses.

It has been said that we cannot love what we do not know – and I am finding it very easy to love these dear little bumble-bee frogs, now that I’ve seen them!

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View Amin’s website here.