‘I totally love The Frog Theory, I couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting!’ Mandy Newman

Clea’s in trouble, and the only thing that will save her life is a leap of faith. But leaping is risky, when you have no place to land.

They come from different worlds, yet when fate draws them together, it seems that they hold the keys to each other’s destinies.

Landing after the jump turns out to be easy, it’s the stuff they planned  to leave behind that causes the problems – unrequited love, obsession, and a big, fat secret.

This short, fast paced novel, will have you hooked from beginning to end.


“Tragedy and comedy in perfect proportion” Lesley Jones

“I couldn’t put it down. The style was really different, and easy to read. I felt like I could hear the characters talking and it was so funny in places I laughed out loud on the tube.” Alison Evans

“Loved this book, and look forward to another from this author.” Amazon customer.

JoEllareads loved ‘The Frog Theory’ – and I couldn’t be happier that she felt inspired to review it on her vlog 😍 


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Also available at Exclusive Books Airport Junction, Gaborone.

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