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I blog about eco-projects, wildlife and real life situations that appeal to my sense of humour – sometimes I get asked to write articles. I wrote a short novel called The Frog Theory in 2017.

Clea’s in hot water, the only thing that will save her life is a leap of faith and leaping isn’t easy when you’ve got less than a day to plan.
Touchdown goes smoothly but as her new life unfolds,  past challenges draw ever closer: one man’s obsession, the guy she wants to forget, and her part in unravelling a big, fat secret_The Frog Theory 🐸
I read it in one go – twice – I loved it so much!

A great story with great characters and dialogue which is genuinely funny. It has the best ‘fight scene’ I’ve read in ages and probably the best use of cat-litter in fiction – NO SPOILERS here I promise!

Mrs Joanne Ellen Frears

JoEllareads VLOG review 😍

‘Tragedy and comedy in perfect proportion’ Lesley Jones

The Frog Theory is a little gem

I totally love The Frog Theory, it’s a funny, quirky story of teenage life, love and angst. I couldn’t put it down and read it in one sitting. I felt that I knew the characters and couldn’t wait to see what happened next. It’s a book written for young adults but equally suitable for adults.

Mrs M Newman

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The Honeycomb Hub Phakalane

Nomad Books in Fulham, England.

Also available at Exclusive Books Airport Junction, Gaborone, Botswana


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