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FROG TALE: There’s A Frog In My Milk!

My friend Ben said he heard I wrote a book called The Frog theory. He told me his mother studied frogs in the Russian mountains where her hosts produced fresh, cool milk with the tea. As she stared at the milk she wondered how they kept it cold with no electricity or fridges when a live frog popped up and ribbited, before disappearing once more beneath the opaque white surface.

   “There’s a frog in the milk!” She exclaimed.

   “Yes yes.” Said her host. “It’s to keep it fresh.”

Hmmm, was I being teased again, I wondered?

   ‘I’m serious.’ Said Ben. ‘Look it up!’ I did. And it was true. Before modern refrigeration, some people in Russia and Finland preserved milk by placing a live frog in it.



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