Why I wanted live earth worms, and how I got some

Andrea’s Red Wrigglers ❤️
I was frantically scouring the shelves at The Crazy Store in Mowana Park when I bumped into my daughter’s P.E. teacher, Midge, looking similarly harassed.

She and a friend were looking for creative ways to label bottles of wine for a 50th birthday party.

‘Large lettering,’ I suggested, tapping my reading glasses.

They laughed and Midge asked what I was doing? 

‘Buying fake treasure to spill out of a compost bin at The Frog Theory book launch.’ I answered.

‘…and wondering where to find live earth worms for my friend Andrea.’ I added, as a semi-serious aside

‘I can get you live earth worms!’ Cut in Midge’s friend unexpectedly. ‘It’s red wigglers you need for compost!’

Midge introduced the petite lady with sparkling blue eyes as Wendy Pringle.

‘THE GREEN HORNET!’ I yelled, at the top of my voice. (Embarassing.) Midge backed away muttering ‘and that’s why they call it the crazy Store.’ 

But this was the name I had heard whispered from afar, all-knowing font of knowledge regarding anything green. Revered, retired Thornhill teacher responsible for inspiring generations of children to appreciate that we are symbiotic with the earth, and to hurt our planet, means to hurt ourselves. 

AND – she clearly understood why Andrea wanted earth worms for her compost bin, which I would learn, too, after an enlightening chat, the exchange of contact details, and the promise of red wrigglers soon.

I was happy with the compost bin, which generated so much interest at the launch, along with its fact-sheet.

Credit to my daughter for the memorable tag line Worm Love! ‘Because everyone always loves the fluffy stuff, and forgets about the worms!’ She told me.

True. I tweeted it – and someone on Twitter (who has since become a friend) sent her these extraordinary photos of caterpillars with the message:

Insects can be fluffy, too!


2 worm
4 worm
3 worm
1 worm

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