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URBAN ECO: Why I wanted live earth worms, and how I got some 🐛

Andrea’s Red Wrigglers ❤️
I was frantically scouring the shelves at The Crazy Store when I bumped into my daughter’s P.E. teacher, looking similarly harassed.

She and a friend were looking for 50th birthday decorations, what was I doing? 

‘Buying fake treasure…and wondering where to find live earth worms for my friend Andrea’s compost bin.’ I added, as a semi-serious aside.

My friend Andrea was one of those people who knew all this stuff about being eco friendly. She wanted live earth worms for a compost bin she had recently set up, and when I saw a damaged compost bin like hers on offer, I spur-of-the-moment bought it for my up and coming book launch, to make an eco-statement.

I felt like a total fraud, as I had no idea what was so special about compost, but figured I would work that out later. Later_I realised how tricky it would be to get earth and things to fill it with, but soon rallied with an oooooooh, I can make the bin into a fake monster spewing treasure, with a sign on top saying ‘compost is treasure’! 

Problem solved + solution = upgrade  👑 

‘I can get you live earth worms.’ Cut in Midge’s friend unexpectedly. ‘It’s red wigglers you need for compost.’

Midge introduced the petite lady with sparkling blue eyes as Wendy Pringle.

‘THE GREEN HORNET!’ I yelled, at the top of my voice.


‘and that’s why they call it the crazy Store!’ Said Midge, backing away.

But this was the name I had heard whispered from afar, all-knowing font of knowledge regarding anything green. Revered, retired Thornhill teacher responsible for inspiring generations of children to appreciate that we are symbiotic with the earth and to hurt our planet, means to hurt ourselves. 

Wendy explained that the worms would help break the rubbish down more quickly into usable compost and gave me her contact details, promising red wrigglers soon. I was excited and humbled, knowing Andrea would really appreciate the unusual gift, and it felt like penance for being a superficial, ignorant fraud 😳 

The treasure-spewing compost bin was an education: Rubbish in the top, compost out the bottom. Facts below 👇

My daughter said to make sure I wrote Worm Love  on that fact sheet, because she said everyone always loves the fluffy stuff, and forgets about the worms!

I tweeted her comment – and Aminart sent her these stunning photos along with a message:

“Insects can be fluffy, too.”👇
2 worm
4 worm
3 worm
1 worm














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